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I made an appointment witha dr that was mentioned on this board. I have had such a long history of bouncing around from dr to dr who just gave me the run around and didn't help. I had the gluten blood test, but have not yet had the biopsy. I'm not so sure I want it anyway. In a nutshell I've been gluten free since August and would have to start eating gluten again. AND I have a horrible phobia and just the idea of getting an IV for the biopsy makes me feel dizzy (I turn into a 3 year old child.. cry and then pass out whenever I get blood drawn). To avoid drawing out the process longer than need be and being sick longer than need be, can someone make any suggestions on how to prepare for my visit to the dr? I know I can't have gluten and I have also cut out dairy and I am feeling much better. I do feel like I may have more allergies. Can a GI test for allergies or do I need to go to an allergist? Also, I overheard someone talking about getting dizzy from celiacs. I keep getting dizzy spells. I don't know if it's related. So any advice? Thanks in advance!

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