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Need Help With Test Results

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Hi Guys I am new here!

I am quite confused. I have been diagnosed with IBS for the past 3 years and I have probably had stomach issues for much longer than that. After comming across the definition Celiac disease while doing some research recently, I marched into my GP and asked her for the test. She was very reluctant and apparently did not test me for everything that I see on the screenings on the board here.

My results are the following:

IGE - Wheat Allergin - Undetectable

Gliadin IGA - <3 Negative (Results of 11 and higer = Positive)

Gliadin IGG - 33 POSITIVE (Results of 11 and higher = Positive)

Is this normal? I am quite concerned that my IGGs are 3 times the reading for positive - however my Doctor said that this does NOT mean I have Celiac and is sending me to a GI. She also put me on a gluten free diet and now I am concerned that by the time the GI sets an appointment for any tests that the gluten free diet will show negative readings.

I guess my question is: How many of you out there had Blood tests of a Positive IGG and Negative IGA and were diagnosed with Celiac?

Thank you very much in advance for all your help!

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