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Aveeno Body Wash Has Gluten

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Hey all! Well turns out that I use Aveeno body wash and guess what...it has wheat in it!! SO I was pretty much just rubbing wheat right on my DH! Great eh! hahaha I have stopped using it and my DH has improved immensly in two days! I also recieved an email and it told me to look for these four things in my body products:

1. TRITICUM VULGARE (wheat bran)

2. SECALE CEREALE (rye seed extract)


4. AVENA SATIVA (oat bran)

I went through all of my products and had to get rid of 9 lotions and shampoo's and conditioners. So becareful when you get new bath products. I was completley surprised to see that most of my lotion had avena sativa, :blink: so be sure and check out your stuff if you have DH and it doesn't seem to want to go away! Good luck all.


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Thanks for posting that Sarah. I'm sure that it will help lots of people.


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Aveeno is a definite no-no.

Avena is latin for oats.......


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Endoscopy also showed numerous stomach ulcers, have started taking Losec.

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