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What Tests Do I Ask For?

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed in February of this year. My almost 16 y.o. daughter "thinks" she has some celiac symptoms but I haven't been able to twist her arm to get the blood test, as she's afraid of needles.

This past week she got the most unusual itching on her upper back. I drives her crazy (and me too, since I have to listen to her). Now I find out that she also has "bumps" on her back and on the arm by both elbows.

Tonight she got them under her chin. To me, they look like DH. They don't look like excema or ringworm or anything else that is common, I'm certain.

Question: Should we go to the dermatologist first?

Question: What tests should they do?

Question: My 14y.o. son had the blood test and was negative for celiac disease, although I think he does have a mild (or just developing) case. Should I have daughter do the blood test too or wait until after she sees the dermatologist?

Thanks in advance.

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Have her go to the dermatologist. They will take a small skin sample and test the bumps to see if it is DH. If it is, then she has Celiac disease as DH only occurs in Celiac patients. The treatment would be the gluten free diet.

I have had a skin sample taken before and basically they take a little metal thing that is like a tiny cookie cutter and rub the cirle on the skin. It will cut through a few top layers of skin and then they just peel it off. It usually isn't painful and I believe they rub some numbing stuff on the skin first anyhow. Much easier if your daughter is afraid of shots.

My oldest son hates shots too, but he did okay with the blood test. He didn't WANT it of course, but he handled it fine, and they did the tests twice! If any of my kids had had DH I woudl have opted for the dermatologist route. My daughter is the only one who gets it and she didn't start until after she went gluten free and then started getting the DH bumps when she would accidentally get glutened. I am the one who gets DH badly! The last time I got glutened it covered my arms, head, neck, and belly, and was moving to my back! Thankfully my legs didn't get it, and my palms stayed clear. I hate having it on my palms. It makes driving uncomfortable...

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