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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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I was diagnosed Celiac a month ago and have seen some improvement. My MAIN symptoms were back and other bone pain and extreme fatigue along with about a dozen other lesser symptoms but NO digestive ones. I since have been diagnosed with osteopenia. I know there is no exact way of knowing, but could someone give an opinion of how long I probably had Celiac to cause a vitamin D level of 13.9 and a diagnosis of osteopenia? I am 50 years old. I have seen a bit less pain and fatigue since a month ago going gluten free. Thanks a lot.

mm&j (Susie)

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its hard to say. I am 28 and was diagnosed last july. I have had problems my whole life with digestion. last summer i got my first outbreak of dh and that led me to celiac disease. in the books i have read it usually affects people btwn the ages of 20-30 caused by some stress such as child birth which really got my stomach messed up. the longer you stay gluten free the better you will feel . I was having awful joint and bone pain and now i am without any pain.

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Hi Susie

I agree with glutenfreenew is hard to tell. In my case I probably had this gluten intolerance all my life

the symptoms of celiac had always been with me, but not until almost 40 that I am now is when I was able to put 2 and 2 together and find out this new celiac world and gluten free.

Continue with you diet and you will feel better.

Take care and best regards to you. :rolleyes:

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I also have osteopenia (31 years old) and just recently have had all the vitamin and mineral levels checked (still waiting for results). The dr said that low vita D can cause deep bone pain and fatigue. This is something that should be dealt with by either supplementation or injections as our bodies don't always recognize the good stuff because of celiac. I recommend getting the following tests run....


folic acid


vita D

Calcium, Phosphate

vita C

Deficiencies in these areas can cause alot of symptoms. Hope this helps some.

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