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Need A 'bread' Recipe

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I can't have gluten, all dairy, eggs, soy, almonds, corn or yeast.

High glycemic starches like tapioca, potato and arrowroot really make me gain weight.

Brown rice flour and amaranth flour also make me gain weight, even when I eat very little of them.

I've concluded that I apparently just need to remain completely grain free and low glycemic or I'll never feel good or get slim.

Can a bread even be made from all bean flour or some other low glycemic exotic substance? Since I can't have almonds, that eliminates some of the recent clever recipes using almond flour. Eggs are necessary to use the great new coconut flour. Maybe it's just not possible. A diet of meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts is OK, but can get monotonous sometimes. I don't look forward to eating some days. I would sure like to have something from which to make things resembling bread, pie crust, muffins, crackers, pasta, etc. If it's not possible, then it's not possible.

Open to suggestions...... Thanks!

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