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05/17/2007 02:26 PM

Thanks for contacting Crest.

None of our current Crest toothpaste versions, Crest Whitestrips versions, or Crest Night Effects contains gluten. In addition, none of the ingredients used in Glide dental floss contains gluten.

Although we do not directly add ingredients that contain gluten to Crest Pro-Health Rinse or to Crest Whitening Rinse, it's possible these products could contain trace amounts. We recommend you contact your doctor before using these rinse products if you have questions or concerns about gluten.

Meanwhile, I don't have coupons or samples to send. But you might want to log onto http://www.brandsaver.com/cr -- the one-stop site that provides money-saving offers and time-saving tips! Once you're there, click on Offers & Promotions to discover savings, samples, and other quality offers for P&G products. If you're a coupon clipper, you'll love the P&G brandSAVER coupon insert available in Sunday newspapers -- check our calendar for the next publication date!

Stop by anytime.

Crest Team

P.S. Are you looking for a simple way to add fiber to your diet? Fibersure is a clear-mixing, 100% natural fiber supplement that can be added to the foods and drinks you enjoy every day. Visit www.fibersure.com today for more information and a free sample.

Eat Well To Stay Well

Daughter Dx'd Celiac Jan 2007

Dx'd Aspergers June 2009

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