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Alcohol Question On Night Out

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Yikes, that Tyson disclaimer! Scary! Sounds very unprofessional to be so secretive like that about allergens required by law to be listed!

This subject came up on another gluten-free forum, and I told my Coca Cola experience.

It dawned on me during the recent discussion on the other forum, that when I bought that Coke that I truly believe I got glutened from and still believe it...

I had bought it at the tiny pizza shop next door to the laundromat I was at.

Because a member on the other forum asked me if the glutening could have come from something else and at first I said no way then got to think think thinking, double-checking, and remembered the pizza shop.

It is possible I got glutened from breathing in the wheat flour which was probably rampant in the air at the tiny pizza shop, but I still think it was the Classic Coke. When you breath in gluten flour, it ends up eventually making its way to the back of your sinuses and down the back of your throat and swallowed.

I bought a liter (two liter?) biggest bottle they make and drank a few sips from the container out in the van.

So now I'm wondering if it was indeed the Coke or was it flour in the air at the pizza shop I bought it from?

Best wishes to all.

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Guest thatchickali

I didn't read EVERY reply on this so forgive me if this has been said. I agree with the plastic cup and if they don't have them ask for a straw. I ask for a straw anyway because I'm germ-phobic.

On another note, I heard the only vodka that was safe was potato vodka....

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