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Does anyone here take Stablon (tianeptine)? It is an antidepressant made by the French pharmaceutical giant, Servier. It's unavailable in the USA, except by mail order from an international online pharmacy. It's sold in many European and Asian countries under trade names such as Coaxil and Tatinol too.


Well, I take it and just in case anyone else here does, I'd like to share that I emailed the company and it indeed is gluten-free. :D


Thank you for your inquiry regarding Stablon.

Stablon's active component is tianeptine.

Beside active component, Stablon tablet also contains other excipients such as maize starch, mannitol, sucrose, methyl cellulose etc.

Stablon tablet contains no gliadin nor glutenin which should be avoided in Celiac Disease case.


I hope this information is useful to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information

Best regards,

Dr. Christianto

Promotion & Training Manager

PT Servier Indonesia

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