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Biscotti At Cooqi Bakery In St. Paul, Mn

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For all you Twin Cities folks... Cooqi Bakery (Marshall & Cretin, St. Paul) has started to make biscotti. OK, so, sure, gluten-free biscotti's not the hardest thing in the world to do, but still. I bought some today and just had one with my coffee. They are simply **fabulous**. Not too sweet, great texture, stand up against the hottest beverage. Gives Pamela's brand biscotti (which is not bad in a pinch) a stiff kick in the shin. If you live in the area, get thee to Cooqi and stock up. But be prepared: I may have already called ahead and asked them to put aside about 5 dozen of them for my personal pleasure.

Now: just in case someone's wondering if I work for Cooqi, nope--I wish. And I'll prove it: Dear Cooqi bakers (and gluten-free bakers around the world) why even bother calling it a baguette? Clearly, such a thing is impossible. Don't toy with us. Anything made of approximately 5 pounds of rice flour (or whatever) cannot possibly be a baguette. It is to laugh. In fact, I think I can here Paris laughing as I type this. Call it a glutette, a baguten, call it whatever you want. Just don't try to tell me it's a baguette.

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