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After Eating Gluten, When Do You Get Pains?

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Just a quick question - when you have eaten gluten (be it on purpose or accidentally) when do you start getting pains/symptoms in relation to your stomach?

I ask because I had a pizza on Sunday lunchtime and although I was really tired and irritable on Monday, I didn't start getting symptoms until Tuesday afternoon. This is the usual pattern, and also, the pain in my stomach (lower stomach pain) usually starts after lunch and continues for the rest of the day until I go to bed. Then I'll wake up the next day and feel okay again. Sometimes it will start mid morning, but I rarely wake up with the pain (although I have on the odd occasion).

I'm thinking I'm celiac because I get symptoms after eating anything with wheat, barley, rye etc. For the past few months I stopped eating that sort of thing, but kept getting the pains in my stomach everyday. Then I realised I was still eating oats. I stopped them and I started to have some pain free days, maybe two days pain free, then the pain back for a day. I've been tested twice (tTG) - once whilst not eating gluten (stupid doctor!) and once after eating gluten for six weeks. Both tests came back negative.

I just wondered whether when you have been 'glutened' you get the pain constantly until it has passed through your system, or whether it does get worse during the day?



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