Anyone else have varying levels of gluten reactions? I know when I've been seriously glutened. I practically pass out, vomit, diarrhea, etc. When I touch gluten, my hands break open and bleed. But sometimes I just have a nasty temper, which is not like me, with no other signs of gluten. Everything and everyone makes me really mad. Little issues really make me mad. No patience for anyone or anything. It'll take me a few days of this before I realize that I think I've been glutened, but I don't know where or how. I assume this anger issue is gluten related because I lose my patience, have depression issues, skin feels I need to crawl out of it to feel better from a bad glutening. I'm not angry all the time. Normally I am happy and laugh a lot. But when I get this no patience anger thing I can barely laugh. Anyone else feel like this? Or is it just me?