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Ok, so LOVE Wolfgang Puck soups, they are super good! Here is what I got off their website:

Do Wolfgang Puck Soups contain MSG?

MSG is not added to Wolfgang Puck's Soups.

Are any varieties of Wolfgang Puck


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I love the French Onion Soup. Throw some mozarella cheese on it and let it bake in the oven... mmmmmmm!


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I had a bad reaction to wolfgang puck canned organic french onion soup. I have been a celiac for 15 years and very aware that just because something is labeled gluten free (as this product is), it does not mean it is truly gluten-free.

When trying an unknown product, I make sure that everything I had eaten all day was known, truly gluten-free foods. So, I tried this product and tried just a small amount (2 spoon fulls) to try to minimize any reactions. This was at dinner.

Lo and behold, I was up by 1 am and running to the toilet all night.

In the morning, I looked closely at the label and noticed that there is soy sauce in the soup and it is not labeled as gluten free soy sauce. I imagine this is the culprit but truthfully, it could also be the processing. The label does not say whether it is processed in a plant that also processed wheat. So , who's to know

All I know is that I will not trust this brand name and will not use their products again. It was an awful, painful night so staying away from these soups, for sure. "

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