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This Is A Mamaw Update!

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Hi All,

It's been awhile since I updated what's been going on since I was in ICU a few months ago with thyroid effecting my heart...

On may 25,07 I broke down or truly the doctors broke me down & I swallowed the RAI.... again I felt like I was selling my soul to the devil! Since I couldn't come back home because of the radiation , my hubby & I took off for a three day quiet weekend of walking in the open air, enjoying each others company without touching!!!!!!!!!

I was just glad to have the energy to get out & walk after having that period where I couldn't barely breathe let alone stand or walk.

I truly did not notice anything after the RAI therapy. With me being so sensitive I thought something would be noticable but it was uneventful or I thought it was going to be unenventful!..

After the first three days of nothing changing I decided I worried & scared myself for nothing.Then on the fourth day I started getting crampy & onto severe pain from my navel to my left , moving to my back. NO BOWEL movements.... AS the pain got unbearable I suffered for five days before giving in once again & headed for our local ER.I began to get very bloated & looked very much with child. Of course that's impossible!!!!!! After two CT scans one without contrast & one hour later one with , I'm thinking more radiation just what I needed after swallowering the Rai.

The doctors were puzzled & I still do not have an answer from them.... I went a week with no bowel movements. They fed me all kinds of meds saying time " you will go with this one"After using their best weapon my body won, they lost, NO BM.... by this time I again began to see I have a big problem.

So for the past week I have been in a hospital waiting to make a poopy so I could get released..... After everything failed we tried the horse remedy.... mineral oil ........ it usually workes fast on a horse!!! well I found out I'm not a horse! It took me twelve hours to make the slightest movement.... So with the excitement of a almost 60 year old making poopy the whole wing were saying hooray!!!! I got home a few hours ago, still having terrible pain, still looking pregant & misable....

They now believe the thyroid is doing this because of the RAI therapy. I now have to go for a colonscopy & an endo within ten days. Plus my pap smear came back with abnormal cells... so I have to have bipspies done on that in the next ten days............ I know we are not given more than we can handle but I feel like abandoning ship at this point.

I don't know what to expect next but I know my plate feels full to me........

thanks again my friends for your continued prayers.



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Thanks for the update.

Sounds like your plate is very full.

If you are exhausted on the mainline tests, would you be willing to consider alternative tests?

We will keep you in our thoughts.

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I am so sorry this is happening to you! And the RAI can't be undone. I just hope you feel better soon and that in the end it was worth it.

I'll be praying for your quick recovery.

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*Hugs* I'm sorry to hear you are going thru so much!! I hope you can feel better and get some answers soon!

~ Lisa ~

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