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I have an ND and I love her!!

She also is a midwife (delivered 2 of my babies at home!)

She is very respectful and will prescribe meds/ antibiotics but will offer other alternatives. Ultimately it is my decision on which route I'd like to take. Fully supports Allergy testing. Both my boys are GI. Found out by Allergy testing. Oldest son had reaction by ears getting red and swollen. Younger son had DH and dark circles under eyes, thought the DH was from dairy. Thought my kids were pretty healthy ( she was seeing me not them) So i'm not upset how long it took to diagnose but i'm pretty sure if we had a regular dr that they would still be eating gluten and the other allergic foods.

She wants to get to the bottom of an illness, not just cover up symptoms and she humors me. My mom tries to self diagnose me and she actually talked with me about what my mom thought I had and factored that into the tests she ordered for me.

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