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Feeling Sick Today:(

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I don't know if I have the stmach flu or if I have been glutened. The last couple days my diet has consisted of salds, meat and fruit. Can salad be too hard on my stomach when I eat it ALL the time? My food choices are very minimal..it seems. I am getting so frustrated and bored with food. I just want to cry.

I am also wanting to get tested for food allergies. In the mean time I just eat very minimal when it comes to food variety. Will I develop an allergy to those foods I eat all the time? Salads, fruit and meat? Kind of in a BAD mood about all of this and have that rut feeling again. It really hit me when I made hubby spahetti and garlic bread:( Would have given anything to eat that...but it was not worth it.

Thanks for listening. Needed to vent. Took it out on hubby this morning and have been in a BAD mood since!


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