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Well, I Went And Did It

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I have been gluten free since 6/5 and did wonderful and first several days. Then, had some problems with cc I think. But, I really felt good. Bloating went way down, pain went down, skin looks much better, and this is weird--you know how you get "chicken" skin kinda on your butt cheeks (sorry), well since going gluten free, my butt cheeks (again sorry) are smooth as silk, no rough skin anywhere. I also lost 2 lbs to 115.5

So I thought I would test myself and eat something with gluten now. :blink: Well, last night I went and ate something with gluten in it. Well, Lord have mercy, I could not sleep last night due to the pain and discomfort. I felt so sick. Just awful. NEVER again. :o That was enough. I am still miserable!! Back to gluten free for me for good. I guess I just had to know for sure through the elimation diet. Well, now I know. I pray that the bloating goes away soon and I feel better again. gluten-free for me, yes sir.


sometimes you just gotta know

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Positive Enterolab Result 8/23/07

Positive bloodwork 6/2/08 after eating gluten for 6 weeks

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it's true, sometimes you do just have to know.

when my blood tests were inconclusive, I did a dietary challenge - vital wheat gluten (I had it around for baking), in yogurt. it was disgusting, and I felt horrid for the next week. but man, do I know! :)

Tiffany aka "Have I Mentioned Chocolate Lately?"

Inconclusive Blood Tests, Positive Dietary Results, No Endoscopy

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I'd test it I think... If i had a week to spare to doing nothing. Now i'm thinking about it I don't know if i could. A friend of mine is allergic to strawberries, and she literally can not eat them. Her throat won't let her eat them and she vomits instantly. The psychological impact of her first allergic reaction and how scared and sick she got psychiscally makes it impossible. I am finding myself nausous thinking about gluten also. Kind of the same nausous when I think about rat poision or gasoline. ICK! Mind over matter I say.

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Gluten free 3/27/07








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