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Leaky Gut

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My step-mother brought me an article about this and it fit all to well. I think this my be part of my remaining issues. My research says it is realated to celiac. Does anyone have any adive about how to do with this? Thanks.

Myself-Age 25....I have had symptoms since at least 1998 if not since infancy (was diagnosed with malnutrition as a small child)...Positive results with gluten free diet!

Hannah-Age 5.....Has symptoms....Inconclusive blood tests....Positive diet response to both gluten free and lactose free!

Grace-Age 1.....Born at 29 weeks due to me having celiac....Has reflux and a feeding tube.

Husband-Not Celiac......has found that he does feel better when not eating allot of gluten.....is gluten free at home.

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1) Find a good Naturopath. (N.D.)

2) Look into Candida overgrowth also. It's soooo very common in recovering celiacs who have leaky-gut.

The diet is daunting to say the least, but for me it became a breeze after day1 because I felt good for the 1st time in years!!!

I don't think the leaky-gut / increased intestinal permeability can heal until the digestive "battleground" calms down. I mean eliminating the foods that make the rumbles, bloat, pain etc.

Part of the problem is that leaky-gut can actually create 'allergies/intolerances'.

When particles larger than the system intended start getting into the bloodstream because of the increased spaces betw cells in the intestinal walls, one type that can now get thru is partially digested food.

These particles don't belong in the bloodstream and are unfamiliar to the immune system there.

They don't pass the friend-or-foe test & anti-bodies are made.

Foods that were once fine suddenly are a problem. It's very common and very well-known.

In time, those foods should mostly be fine again - but not w/out their absence for a pretty good amount of time. Not much data that I've seen on this.

I've dealt w/ both leaky_gut and candida.

>>>>>>> tom <<<<<<<

Celiac 1st diagnosed as a toddler, in the 60s. Docs then, between bloodletting & leech-tending, said "he'll grow out of it" & I was back on gluten & mostly fine for 30yrs.

Gluten-free since 12-03

Dairy-free since 10-04

Soy-free since 5-07

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