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little d

Pizza Crust Mix

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Hello all

I finally bought a pizza crust from Amy's and I thought that it was pretty good, now I want to try making my own crust has any one tried any mixes I'm sure ya'll have and are they pretty good. On my pizza I had Hormells candian bacon gluten-free, onion, and green bell pepper, it was good. My husband was hungry for pizza too but this was way too small for the both of us so he ordered Pizza Hut or I did and he ate the thing along with cheese bread, and you know I did not miss having his pizza or bread because I felt great, :rolleyes: him well that was a differant story. He also had Crunch and Munch carmel popcorn a whole box and he or we were up he had bad acid reflux :ph34r: and I was up because he couldn't get water to drink :angry:

I think that i can buy more of Amy's pizza crust the rice and cheese. I was afraid of the Tomato being in the crust but I think that I did fine, other than being stuffed. that was defiantly filling


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