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Well, we went to lunch today at outback, they usually do a really good job, and I've never gotten sick. Today they were really busy, and the server majorly dropped the ball. She brought my salad out with croutons all over it, then some other guy brought our food out and mine was all messed up. She didn't write gluten free on the ticket just no bun, so it had no bun but it had fries all over the top of it. I'm not one to cause a fuss, but I think it really stinks that just because the place is a little busy the service stinks, and forget the gluten free people, no time for them. I've worked in many places as a server, I think being busy is a crappy excuse for doing a crappy job. So, I ate it when it came, my husband ended up ticked off and lectured the manager about the severity of eating gluten for a celiac. I was kind of shocked because he's usually so non-confrontational... :huh: I'd love to stomp my feet and say I'm never going back, but thats b.s. it's one of two places to eat in this town! ARG!!!

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That sucks. Did you get to eat eventually?

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Sorry to hear Outback was not that great for you. It's nice to see your husband stand up though. Especially for you saying he is very nonconfrontational. I hope I spelled that right. :) He seems very educated about celiac. Another plus.

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that is cool to hear that your husband said something. im the celiac in the family and i have to admit i usaually just order no bun i dont specify gluten free, but my wife also usually has no problem letting the server or manager know about gluten-free. i just hate making a big deal out of going to dinner.man am i lucky to have her

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Sorry to hear that!!!

We went to Outback in Charlotte a week or so ago and ordered 3 gluten-free meals. Mine came out with the butter on the sweet potato (not gluten-free, which our server caught before I did) and my son's game out with fries on his plate. I was able to take the potato off and eat my food while they remade my potato, but my son had to wait for them to remake his whole meal. It was a Friday night and they were super busy, so we were patient, it is just frustrating. They did take his meal off the check and left if for the others in our party to eat. So, overall things were good, just a little rough getting started. I can't cross them off of our list b/c I like their food way too much and they really do have an extensive menu as far as what those of us who have to be gluten-free can eat.


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