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Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Wild Oats, Etc In Gatlinburg, Tn

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We are going to Gatlinburg in July and we're staying in a cabin where we'll have a full kitchen. I wanted to buy some gluten-free food once we get there, but not familiar with the area.



Hypothyroid - diagnosed early 1999

Negative blood work for Celiac 12/05

Gluten free since 12/05

Tested positive for heavy metal toxicity, low functioning thyroid (even while taking Armour), hormone imbalance & adrenal fatigue 9/07

Started chelation for heavy metals began new medication/supplements to balance thyroid, hormones and adrenals 9/07

Enterolab Results:

Myself - positive IgA: 11

HLA-DQ 2,3 (Subtype 2,7)

11 yr old son - positive IgA: 11

HLA-DQ 2,1 (Subtype 2,6)

8 yr old son - negative

HLA-DQ 3,1 (Subtype 7,6)

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