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G/f Camp In Michigan Forming For Next Year!

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Here is the news, we are forming a gluten-free kids camp here in Michigan. It'd be on Higgins Lake for a propasal for 3 days and 2 night for a starter time for the first year. We are getting some information around and out and seeing who would be able to come and who would be interested.

This will be for next summer!

It's such a nice step in the right direction.

I know my daughter (8) and I will be helping form this and look very forward to this opportunity.





1995 Diagnosed finally with Endometriosis

1998 TMJ (Nicole)

1999 Hypothryroid (Nicole)

2005 Celiac (Nicole)

2005 summer- daughter on gluten-free diet (Nicole's daughter)

2007 (December) maternal mom diagnosed postiive with celiac disease and hypo

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