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Help - Simethacone And Lomotil

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I'm hoping somebody can help me! I just got released from the hospital this afternoon, picked up my meds from the Walgreens, came home. I hope someone can help me figure out this 2 OTC meds. I'm supposed to take (and would REALLY :) ) like to and this point...

Walgreens was out of lomotil liquid, so I asked the pharmicist what to use in the menatime for anti-d, he said basically the same as Immodium. Stupidly I grabbed the Walgreens store brand (Loperamide Hydrochloride) liquid. No inactive ingredients, no 1800 #. I knew I was taking the lomotil liquid because the other forms had starch or gluten. The liquid the hospital had was double-checked to be gluten-free by my md and the pharmicist there.

Next, I had to get simethacone (on my discharge orders). In the hospictal, I had a chewable white tablet. Supposedly they checked this for gluten and for artificial sweeteners for me.

But, it looks like gas-x's chewable's all have starch. I called the co. and they said the only one of their products that was gluten-free was Gas-X with Maalox (with orange on label).

I tried searching the archives here an the web and got multpile anwers about whether these things are gluten-free. Gas-x softgels seem to be both listed as yes and no and have no obvious 'no's in ingredients - the co. didn't say definately yes gluten, but rather, hasn't been tested.

Can anybody help with the gluten-free status? I'm scared to take them. I'm not supposed to drive but I could get soemthing else tomorrow if there are suggestions for these drugs at other stores/forms when someone comes to check on me. I hate being dependent and confused! (And, have a GI raging out of control. I'm missing the hospital now, sadly.

Thank you!!


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