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I Figured It Out.. I Think I Think It Was Greasy Foods...

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That made my son so sick.

He has gastritis too.

I restricted his diet more and he was better last week Th-Sun. Sunday night I made him a cheese crusted pizza. They are very greasy. A little over an hour after that he was in so much pain and sick.

A couple of weeks ago he got really sick later after a hot dog.

Greasy foods was one of my suspects. I wasn't sure though.

He has had cereal with milk and didn't get such a strong response.

I am going to keep him restricted from any greasy foods for awhile and see how he does.

I just have to get my husband to stop bringing chips into the house.

I have to take them all in the car with me when I go to work so Billy doesn't get into them.

Karol mom to Billy

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Candida overgrowth could be worth looking into.

Certainly greasy = bad fits.

I've become more and more sure that more post-gluten-free celiacs have candida than what's commonly known.

>>>>>>> tom <<<<<<<

Celiac 1st diagnosed as a toddler, in the 60s. Docs then, between bloodletting & leech-tending, said "he'll grow out of it" & I was back on gluten & mostly fine for 30yrs.

Gluten-free since 12-03

Dairy-free since 10-04

Soy-free since 5-07

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