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4th Of July Menu

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My family is great, they all are making something gluten-free for our 4th of July BBQ.

We are having:

Beer can chicken (using Redbridge of course!)

Calico beans

Potato Salad

Corn on the cob

Sausage cheese dip with fritos

Watermelon Dream Pie

What are you having?


gluten free since 10/04

Tampa Bay, FL

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We're invited to my boyfriend's father's house and they don't go out of their way to accommodate my son. <_< I understand that no one is obligated to go out of their way, but I don't want him to have to feel different around family. That's a whole new topic... They usually serve traditional barbecue food like hot dogs and hamburgers.

I am going to bring a spinach dip & serve with tortilla chips? Humm...what should I serve it with?


I am going to offer to bring desert. I'm going to make a chocolate trifle using gluten free brownies, chocolate mouse and cool whip.

Maybe I'll also make some kind of salad. There was a great looking chicken and wild rice salad recipe on glutenfreeda.com. And I'll make sure that I bring chips that my son can eat.

***I also learned a new way that my son can get glutened at barbecues: When people with gluten on their hands reach into the chip bowl and then you get chips out of the same bowl. Next time I will grab a large hand full of chips and set them aside before the party gets started. It may look rude, but my son's health is worth it! :)


Son 6 yrs old, Positive blood work, Outstanding dietary response, no biopsy.

Household mostly gluten free since 3/07

Me: HLA-DQ 02 & 0302 (DQ 08), which I ran & analyzed myself!Currently gluten lite, negative tTG, asymptomatic

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Watermelon Dream Pie? Tell me more about it - the name itself sounds great!


Gluten Free since 4/05 - adult onset

Symptoms for 4+ years prior

Immediate family tests negative

No Known family members w/ celiac disease

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I just wanted to say that the glutenfreeda.com recipe for chicken and wildrice salad is REALLLLLLY good!


Dairy/Casein Free- March 2007

Gluten Free- May 2007

Soy Free- August 2007

Sugar Free- January 2008

Starch Free- January 2008

Egg Free (again!)- February 2008

Sulfur Free- May 2008

Dx'd Lyme Disease and co-infections- December 2007

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