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Some Prescription Drug Info

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Hey everyone -

I know it can be really frusturating to figure out whether or not some prescription drugs are gluten free or not. :huh: I had to call about a few this morning and thought I would share the info.

IVAX: 800-327-4114 (spoke to Stew on 7/2/07))

generic cipro (sorry the pharmacist did not give me the generic name) 500mg is gluten-free

PLEVA/BARR: 800-922-0547 (spoke to Ruby on 7/2/07)

metronidizal (generic flagyl) 500 mg is gluten-free

LILY: 800-545-5979 (spoke to Yvonne on 7/2/07)

generic Cymbalta (sorry - don't know the generic name either!) 30 mg is gluten-free

Now I need to vent a little!!! <_<

I had a terrible time this time with the pharmacy that I have been going to for years (maybe because I needed a ton of rx in case I get sick while out of the country-who knows). Sometimes they call for me, sometimes they give me the info to call for myself - no problem, I don't mind that at all - I understand they get busy sometimes......

Last Thursday I called to ask if they could check for me, they said ok. I called again Friday to see if they were done or if they wanted me to call any companies- they told me they were working on it, did not need me to help. I showed up on Friday night at 5 pm and there was a note on the bag of prescriptions saying that they don't have the drug company phone numbers - do they think I'm a moron-a pharmacy without drug company numbers, come on!?!? :angry: Of course when they started calling them at that point they were all closed (east coast)... and told me they would call on Monday....

Today the pharmacist (my favorite one because he is always so nice) called to tell me he would not have time to check for me today - which is totally fine - I told him I was VERY grateful that he at least called to tell me and give me the info.... Now I got it all done (in less than five minutes) and can go get my prescriptions....

Anyway - thanks for letting me vent! :rolleyes: I feel much better!


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Thanks for the info. I go to a mega chain pharmacy and have found a less than helpful staff as well. In a period of 3 days I went in to get allergy medicine and explained that I couldn't take Benedryl and function and asked them if they knew if Claritin contained gluten. They looked at me like I had 3 heads (I know now that it doesn't). Then I went back to get my regular prescription filled and wanted to pick up vitamins and asked them if they could help me find one without gluten in it. There response was that they wouldn't be able to say unless it said gluten-free right on the label and that I should go to a health food store! I was shocked, because you would think they would have at least made some effort! It is the last time I am buying anything or filling a prescription there!

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