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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Delta Bc, Near Surrey, Mainland Vancover

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hi, me and hubby will be traveling from wainwright to delta bc for my daughters hockey camp and staying out there for a week anyone know of any good resturaunts or grocery stores? thanks for the help!!!

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I live in Abbotsford and regularly go into town to shop. It depends on what you are looking for but here's my suggestions:

If you need staples like cereal, bread, treats etc...Save On Foods has a selection of gluten free products found in their "natural" section isle. They have frozen bread, donuts, pizza crusts, waffles, english muffins etc... in the freezer. They also have Nuture's Path gluten free cereals like Panda Puffs, Koala Crisp, Gorilla Munch and all the different kinds of corn flakes they offer. They also have the Nature's Path rice krispee bars, a bunch of different kinds of cookies and treats and the Lundburg rice chips in several flavors.

As for restaurants, I'm sorry I can't offer any help there as I am a highly sensitive Celiac and never risk eating out anywhere. I hear that Cactus Club's, of which there used to be one in Delta on Scott Road just past 72nd avenue, have a list of all of their menu items and what contains gluten and what doesn't. Apparently they take the issue very seriously. Also, I know for a fact that Swiss Chalet, there is one in Surrey just up from 96th avenue on King George Highway, has a menu that lists what items contain what allergens including gluten. Other than that, I can't say where you might try and eat out.

I don't know how mobile you will be but in South Surrey there is a Choices Market that specializes in helping celiac's shop safely by labeling almost every item in it's store that is gluten free with a blue shelf marker. They have a HUGE selection of gluten free fresh baked items that come from their own gluten free bakery in Vancouver called the Rice Bakery. Choices is located just off King George Highway (you can see it from the highway on your left) just past the Crescent Beach turnoff. If you can't get there I can suggest the Organic Grocer in Surrey on King George Highway just before 72nd avenue. They are a little expensive though and their selection is so-so. If you can manage to get out to Choices, you won't be sorry. It would probably take you around 20 to 30 minutes to get there from Delta.

Good Luck,


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