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Dr Murad's Dietary Supplements

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Hello Celiacs,

I am trying so hard to find out if anyone has used the vitamin supplements from Dr. Murad??? Dr. Murad is a skin care specialist who makes great skin/body products. He also came out with a regimen of supplements to take to help fight cellulite, which I have, even though Im on the thinner side. Ive tried everything to get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since being gluten-free, I have developed this problem.

Dr Murad makes these pills which are supposed to be amazing. They help improve hair, skin, nails, cells, etc. Theyre full of powerful antioxidents. I really want to start taking them but I cant find out 100% if theyre gluten-free. The package has no mention of wheat or gluten. Plus, I tried calling the manufacturer and got nowhere. Then I googled the Web, found nothing. So, I figured Id try here. I love this forum. It has helped me so much!!!

PLEASE, can someone help me here? Im going on my honeymoon is 3 weeks and want to look good in my bikini!!!!!!!! (Yes, I do exercise and drink lots of water, and no I am not shallow at all, just want to look good in my 30's)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    This is good advice. Some restaurants offer gluten-free menus or mark items with “GF” on their regular menu, and I try to eat at such places. I still talk to the manager when I order to be sure. 
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