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Want To Start Up A gluten-free Bakery

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Don't know if this was the best place to post, but since it has to do w/ baking....

K, since I was a kid, I've LOVED to cook. Especially baked goods, breads cookies, all that. I even looked into different culinary schools when I graduated from high school, but never persued anything.

Since dx, I've been experimenting desperately to make good foods again, and I think I'm finally getting it. I made a delicious chocolate eclair cake the other night when company came over, including my cousin, who may have celiac. I was so excited for everyone to try it, and loved their praise!

So, here's my thought. I could start up something, maybe even from home for now...how should I do this? Should I do catering? How do I do advertising? What kinds of laws are there about starting up a business? What goodies should I offer?...I'm full of questions! Thanks in advance!

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Good for you. I wish you much success in your bakery business.

Re: the business side of your venture...

As far as city/state regulations, you need to check with them for any laws pertaining to a home business or any small business. I had a secretarial business in my home and my city's laws were specific about that - no more than 6 customers a day and no other employees other than relatives. Your city will have it's own ordinances governing what kind of business can and cannot be run from a residential location.

You will also need to get a tax ID number from your State and will be required to file sales tax forms. For myself (in my art business) my sales are so low that I only have to file once a year. However, most small businesses must pay sales tax quarterly.

You will need to keep very good financial records of costs and sales. Most larger communities will have classes for smalll business owners that should be a help to you in getting started. I think your state would have some publications on setting up and running a small business - just log on to your state's website.

I have seen from time to time some locally produced baked goods at Wild Oats health food store. I would think that healthfood stores would be a good place to start. They would, of course, get a percentage (I would expect up to 50%) of the sales - but that would require no advertising. Advertising and marketing is very time-consuming and costly. I don't want to discourage you, but you will need to consider the cost, especially startup costs, in your decision-making.

Good luck to you.

PS: the business side of any creative venture is not what most of us like to do - which is why I don't sell more of my art - I'd rather be painting that promoting!

Typing this last note gave me another idea for you. Teaching. You might be able to hold gluten-free baking classes in your home.

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