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Looking For gluten-free Roommates In Seattle

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Hi all,

I hope this is an appropriate post for this message board. I am a celiac and will be attending Law School at the University of Washington in Seattle this fall. I've noticed that most of the law students share housing to save costs, and it occured to me that I could try to find gluten-free roommates so we can support each other, share gluten-free food costs, etc.

I've been gluten-free for 8 years and normally do quite a bit of cooking and baking from scratch. It is, of course, crucial that I continue this during law school. I was thinking that it might be a great opportunity for some newly diagnosed people to learn about the gluten-free lifestyle and/or for other long-time gluten-free single folks to establish a healthy living situation.

I you are in the Seattle area and are interested in this idea, please e-mail me privately. Thanks!


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