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We Finished The Boat

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My son and I finished the boat we have been working on for god knows how many months. We finely got it done on the 30th of June, just in time to go to the beach on the 1st. So we were able to take it with us. There are 3 little lakes there we have been wanting to go out on. The first time we took it out, my son, son-in-law, and my self. We went to a little hide away lake. No fish caught there but we were able to go to the back part of the lake where we have never been before. Next time we will have to have the gas motor instead of the electric. It gets to clogged up with the weeds. So we left there and went to the next lake. Again got the motor all clogged up and had a hard time getting around. But we each managed to catch 1 fish. All to small to keep but at least we caught some thing. So that was the 3rd and we did not go out again until the 5th. This time we went to the only other lake down there. The wind always blows hard there but we but in and went around the bend out of the wind. We found a nice little cove to sit in out of the wind and started fishing. I got lucky unlike the trip on Fathers day where I got skunked. I caught the first fish, the most fish, the biggest fish, the littlest fish, and the last fish. So we are done fishing and starting to head to the boat ramp. Now this electric motor is an old Sears and not big at all but it will push this 14 foot boat. So we came around the corner and got hit head on by the wind. So we are doing good moving slowly but we are moving. Then all the sudden the winds picks up and hits us hard. Suddenly we are not moving at all. The motor is running but the wind has us at a dead stop. It dies down after a few seconds and we start moving again, ever so slowly again but we are moving. When all the sudden we get hit again, again we come to a dead stop. Again we start moving after the wind slacks off. Now we are able to see the ramp and having a good laugh at how things are going. Then it all goes right down the tube. We get hit again but this time we dont just come to a dead stop but we start going backwards. This to we are laughing about as we start moving forward again. Now we can see the truck, we are almost there, when the wind hits us even harder. Now the boy's are trying to lay down on the floor to cut down on the wind factor. We are going backwards at a vary fast pace. The motor is still running but we are going the wrong way. Now things are not so funny as we can no longer see the truck. So here we are wind blowing, motor running, boys on the floor, going the wrong way, and oh yea NO ore's. Really not funny now........ So one of the boys grabs a little fold up seat we have in the boat and starts using it as an ore. The other is using his hand I am trying to use the motor. We move forward a few feet the are blown back even more. So now we are using the anchor throwing it out and pulling the boat up to it. Then throwing it out again and pulling up to it again. Of course loosing ground every time we pull it out of the water. But we finely make it to where my son can jump out and walk us in to the ramp the rest of the way. So know we are home, and having a good laugh about it all again. But we will NOT be going out on that one again until I am able to buy a bigger electric motor. But hey the boat floats after all the time it took us to get it done and we had a good time. Making plans already for our next trip out. AFTER I BUY ORES..........

Hope every one had a great 4th.


Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming WOW-- What a Ride!

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Oh Grump--what a great story! Glad you guys finally made it to shore, but not without a fight :o

Definately get yourself some oars :lol:

Really, it sounds like you and your boys have such fun together no matter what happens. Just being able to get out on the boat you worked so long on is quite something :D


"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans"

"When people show you who they are, believe them"--Maya Angelou

"Bloom where you are planted"--Bev

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Have you ever heard the saying...."only one ore in the water" B)

Sound like some good memories.


Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

"Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkien

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