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Help To Advocate For Our 2 1/2 Year Old

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Our middle child Jude is 2 1/2. He weighs a whole 23lbs. Prior to a year old he was on prevacid for acid reflux. We had weight checks constantly, hoping for some gain and not loss. It has been a constant battle. The GI was about to test him for Celiac disease and he gained 1 lb. so no test. I feel lost because our pediatrician switched practices and the GI was happy with the 1 lb. He is so skinny and he has his good days of eating and not so good days. He would rather drink strawberry milk all day than to eat. I recently started giving him a nutrional drink supplement just to give him more protein and vitamins.

We are about to go to a new family practice because our insurance is changed and I want to go in there and advocate for our son. He is a very active boy. His belly does look bloated (i think) but it could be beucase he is so skinny. He has been having a rash appear on his cheeks and awhile ago the same loooking rash right below the top of his diaper in the back. I believe he may have an enamel issue as well.

Does soemone have any guidance for me? Thank you

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The doc will make his/her decision based on symptoms, so I'd go over the list of Celiac symptoms with the doc and make sure you mention any family members that may have been diagnosed.

What are the symptoms of celiac disease?


What are the symptoms of Celiac Disease?


You may want to write down the symptoms instead of taking a printed copy of the page along. Some docs see a printout and get a real attitude about patients diagnosing themselves. Some docs don't, but you won't know which kind you have until you meet the doc.

Good Luck!

Karen B.

diagnosed with Celiac Nov. 2003

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