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Cherry Tart

gluten-free Hiar/body Products + Great Online Store

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I stumbled upon this great hair/body line called Desert Essence Organics http://www.desertessence.com/ They offer shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, and body lotion. All a clearly labled "Wheat and Gluten Free" on the back of each bottle. The ingredients are all natural and easy to identify (no mystery words). The scents are amazing. I'm partial to the Coconut body lotion and Italian Grape Shampoo. The conditioner isn't as heavy as the one I used to use, but its still getting the job done.

I also discovered a great website to purchase these items, as well as, other gluten-free products: http://www.vitacost.com/ Most products are heavily discounted, with a flat shipping fee of $5. They also carry RainbowLite vitamins (I believe the majority of their line is gluten-free). All of the ingredients are clearly listed for each item on the site. I will definitely be buying from them again! :D

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