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Interesting Allergy Test Results

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Hi - I just wanted some comments - I have a 3 year old daughter who had a positive Enterolab test result for IgA anti-gliadin antibodies, a rash that she had on her arms, legs and cheeks that went away after going gluten free, a very positive result on the gluten free diet. She has sensory processing issues that have greatly improved since going gluten free. Her speech has improved incredibly since going gluten free. She has the gut issues - the smelly bulky stools when she gets glutened, multiple food allergies, short stature, etc. etc. - all very strong signs of celiac, but we never had the biopsy done. She's gluten sensitive at the very least, most likely celiac.

Anyway, since gluten sensitivity is genentic, I've always thought it ran in my side of the family vs. my DH's because of various symptoms of various family members. I have some signs of gluten sensitivity myself, but haven't had any tests. Until now. Although I didn't have an actual test for gluten sensitivity or celiac, I had an IgE food allergy blood test run last week and just got the test results back. I'm allergic to wheat and rye!

So, would you go for an actual celiac test then? Or maybe Enterolab? I haven't been totally gluten free lately. Haven't had much, but enough probably. Obviously, since I'm allergic to 2 foods containing gluten, I need to avoid them anyway - I have asthma that has been pretty bad lately, that coincides with my eating gluten. So I know it flares up my asthma. I've had to go on steriod inhalers for it and am having trouble breathing. So, does it really matter if I have celiac or just an allergy? Either way, I need to cut it out because I can't breathe! What would you do?

Also, on a side note - I'm just as allergic to GARLIC! UGH!!! Why - why - why??? I LOVE garlic! Oh well.


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