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What Do I Thow Out, What Do I Do, Will I Get Better?

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Tinkyada pastas are the best! I'm fairly new to this so I haven;t tried much, but I like those pastas so I'll sticj with them. I also haven't ventured into trying mixing my own gluten-free flours. I have used Pamelas mixes. They're a bit pricy. I made a couple batches of The Joy of Cooking's low fat chewy brownie recipe and used Pamelas pancake/baking mix instead of the flour, and added a few choc. chip chunks to the top and they were AWESOME! My oldest brought them to school and they were a huge hit with the kids.


IgA neg

IgG Pos

Biopsies showed blunted villi


Gluten free since mid 7/07 and feel great

Daughters 8 & 11 Celiac panels negative

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Namaste brownie mix is really good too - that brand must be pretty good at knowing gluten-free food.


Dianosed "possible Celiac" May '07 per biopsy with blunted villi

Bloodwork negative

Gluten-Free since June '07

Do NOT have Celiac genes per GI doctor

2 kids, 3 y.o. girl and 19 month old boy

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