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This probably isn't new news to all, but it was a happy, happy find!

We regularly buy chips from Michael Season's and I sent the snack-pack sizes to camp with my DD earlier this summer. The chips are organic and only have a few ingredients (gluten not being one of them) so I felt safe buying them. She ate them with no problems.

What I am REALLY happy about, though, is the comprehensive allergen matrix on the web site that lists many allergens (including gluten) as well as CC risks. I wish EVERY company did this! It would make buying food so easy!

I also sent them an email thanking them for making it easy to trust and buy their products, and because of that, they have a loyal customer in me. (Hubby bought a big bag of the low-fat ripple chips which seem to be the ultimate allergen-free munchie!).

To find the allergen chart go to this link: http://www.seasonssnacks.com/seasons_sweet/index_ms.cfm then select a product line from the nav bar that goes across the top (not the left navigation). Select a product and you might have to scroll down to see the button for "Allergen Chart."

It simply ROCKS I tell ya!

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