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There is talk here everyday about probiotics - I found this site that may help give some information to probiotic usefulness. I found it interesting, and perhaps you will too.


Feb 9, 07 - Positive gene test D2 -Celiac Disease and Positive D3 for Gluten Sensitivity-Double Whammy!

Positive blood test for antibodies for celiac

SEVERE Gluten Ataxia - trouble speaking - could not even turn my head side to side - almost bedridden

March 07 - 2 different doctors have documented my records as confirmed Celiac

Oct 07 - found a secret to feeling better - no processed foods - The healing comes from eating raw vegetables, and fruits!

Husband - tested = celiac gene+diabetes gene

3 children-

youngest - doc wont test has w/ Hashimoto Disease

middle- tested = celiac gene+lymphoma gene - dx-celiac

oldest - ignores warnings

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