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New Here, Could I Have Celiac Disease?

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Greetings folks...

I went to a doctor for treatment/diagnosis of a rash, and he suggested I might have Celiac Disease... he ordered some blood tests. I'm waiting for them to get back.

Here's what happened up to then.

For months now I've been having really bad gas. Getting bloated and having to pass gas a lot after every single meal and almost every time I eat or drink something. It was going on so long that I assumed everyone had gas like that... it's terrible! My partner can smell it in the other room. It hurts to hold it in, if it's even possible. It's gotten to the point that I don't eat if I'm going to be in social settings and when I've been in social settings, I run to the bathroom constantly to "let some out".

I've also been having morning diarrhea that is more and more frequent... sometimes until my stomach is empty, but most often it's a feeling of urgency and very little material comes out. A yellowish slimy liquid and one or two small pieces of fluffy stool, and LOTS of gas. I have had two accidents like this in recent months. Sometimes I haven't gone anywhere in the morning because I'm not sure if I'm going to have diarrhea.

About a week ago, I started breaking out with a rash that started off as red bumps that then coalesced and became this itchy nightmare of a rash. It started on my thighs and soon was under my arms, inside my elbows, and inside my knees. Now it's on the front of my knees and elbows, but on the thighs it is healing.

It was the rash that finally brought me into the doctor. The first doctor (at Urgent Care) said I had Shingles and gave me an antiviral and the rash kept getting worse and spreading. The second doctor suggested Celiacs and ordered two blood tests and suggested I stop eating wheat and gluten.

I've since started watching the wheat and gluten even to choosing to go hungry if nothing else is available. For the first time I don't have constant gas (no after-meal "atom bombs").

The rash is starting to fade, but maybe it has run its course.

I was just diagnosed as being hyperthyroid and doctor is ordering more tests. I go to a university hospital and this doctor is a young resident who is eager to diagnose me with something. His first suggestion was Celiacs.

I sleep a LOT... about eleven hours a night... but had chalked it up to my rather sedating medication...

I am not experiencing weight loss, but then again that same medication often causes morbid levels of weight gain. I've gained only about five pounds in the whole time on it so maybe weight loss and weight gain are balancing out. Hm.

Does this sound like Celiacs?

2007 - dx'd with Graves' Disease

Suspected DH (no biopsy)

Tested negative for celiac (after gluten free two months)

2012 - Gluten free again after suggestion it might help my thyroid symptoms. Many strange one-off symptoms cleared up. Brain fog gone.

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Guest j_mommy

It is very possible!!!! How great to have a Dr suggest it and run blood tests right away!! Let us know when you hear back!

Symptoms for me were teh big D all the time and lots of fatigue...I could sleep anywhere from 6-14 hours and still wake up tired and feel like I need a nap during the day! Gas was also an issue for me!!!

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