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Does This Sound Like Dh?

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My doctor is the one who thinks I have DH and is ordering tests for Celiac. I think I may have it too, but I want to know if this rash is like what others here have experienced.

It started out on the inside of my thighs... I get acne in the summer so I just thought the two or three red bumps were zits. Within a day, there were lots more. Day three, red bumps on my butt, behind my knees, under my arms, and inside of my elbows. By the night of day three my thighs and butt are covered in a itchy, bumpy red rash. It doesn't burn, just itches. The bumps grew together into a solid red bumpy, itchy mess. Within a few days the rash is now on the front of my knees and front of my elbows.

I started going gluten free on doctor's suggestion, about three days ago, and started taking an antihistamine and using a prescription hydrocortisone cream. The rash improved, faded to purple on my thighs (looks bruised!) and is starting to go away on my thighs. It's improving only slowly everywhere else and I still itch like the devil.

2007 - dx'd with Graves' Disease

Suspected DH (no biopsy)

Tested negative for celiac (after gluten free two months)

2012 - Gluten free again after suggestion it might help my thyroid symptoms. Many strange one-off symptoms cleared up. Brain fog gone.

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YES! It absolutely does sound like DH.

I had DH for 3 years and no Dr. dx it! I researched myself and went gluten-free and low and behold my rash disappeared and never came back (unless I get inadvertently Glutened!).

The Prednisone (if by pill) will definitely slowly help but will mask whatever help the gluten-free diet is giving you. If after finishing with the Prednisone you don't get DH back, then the gluten-free is helping. The DH is a delayed reaction usually and doesn't show up immediately after eating Gluten - it can be 3 days to 3 weeks later! As you become increasingly "healed" and gluten-free it will be less (I'm at 3 days).

Some noteworthy things about DH: It is "bilateral" - ocurring on the same place on both sides of your body at same time (both elbows, both shins, etc). It is the ITCHIEST rash you've ever had. It is like little pimples or blisters with clear fluid inside that still itches even after they've been broken open by scratching. They are very "shallow" and break open with the least little bit of scrathing or rubbing. They scab easily and still itch. It can occur ANYWHERE on your body, contrary to what some articles/researchers/Dr's say. I had it EVERYWHERE on my body EXCEPT my scalp and neck/face: I had it on my palms, crotch, stomach, chest, back, thighs (outside only), shins, ankles, feet, back of hands, armpits, arms (all over), buttocks.

I know when I've been Glutened, but usually can't identify what exactly it was, although usually I can associate it with eating at restaurants.

When I get really bad (from inadvertent glutening) I take Prednisone for a couple of days to take the edge off and keep it from spreading - it will spread from scratching too much. Then I use prednisone cream for a couple days and eventually it all scabs. I have scars everywhere though that will probably never go away - little white circular scars that most people think came from chicken pox (hence the name H= Herpetiformis which comes from herpes - one of which is chicken pox - "zoster".)

Good luck. The only way I found out that it really was DH was going gluten-free (not just Gluten-light) for several months and realizing that the rash did not return.

GOOD LUCK and TRY to not scratch. Eventually my Allergist did some research and agrees with my own diagnosis!



Diagnosed DH by Allergist via gluten-free Diet Success

Gluten-free since Dec 2005

Gluten-free works so why keep getting tests?

Neg skin biopsy & Neg bloodwork after gluten-free for 3 months

No Endoscopy - need to eat gluten for good test & won't do it

No other Allergies or major ailments!

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Guest j_mommy

Yes it does.....I didn't know at first either....ofcourse mine only break out on my butt!!!LOL

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