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Hydrolyzed Oat Protein

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Hi All,

I'm having a terrible time finding ANY decent hair product for fine/limp hair (such as mine) that doesn't contain wheat. I don't think I have Celiacs, I either have a wheat allergy (most likely) or wheat/gluten intolerance - not 100% sure which. The majority of my symptoms from wheat ingestion are respiratory in nature although I do feel a bit sluggish and achy too sometimes.

In such case is using a product with hydrolyzed oat protein safe?

I know oats are okay for celiacs assuming they are gluten-free and that the biggest problem with oats is the CC as they are always processed in the same facilities as wheat.

So, what are the thoughts about this being the only offending ingredient in a hair shampoo, conditioner, or styling product?



I switched to Dove but after a month of using their shampoo and conditioner my scalp is breaking out. I have an oily scalp, fine/color treated hair but even with the color, I think it is too much moisturizer in their products for me.

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