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Interesting Lab Results - Anyone Had These?

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My primary doc recently ran a fasting blood test for cholesterol, glucose, etc.

Got the results yesterday, & saw that my triglycerides are below the normal range

(normal is 35-160 mg/dl and mine is 27), and my alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is below

normal too (normal is 35-115 U/L and mine is 31). Did some research online, which said

low numbers on these tests could indicate intestinal malabsorption problems.

I'm still going through all the testing for celiac (had negative blood antibodies for gluten

but was only back on gluten for 3 weeks when the blood was drawn for Prometheus).

I'm waiting on my Enterolab results, & will have an EGD/biopsy on 8/10.

I've now been back on gluten for 5 weeks & am hating life because the symptoms are terrible.

In the meantime, am just wondering if anyone else has had low scores on these particular

blood tests (triglycerides & alkaline phosphatase)? And, what might they mean?


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