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My surgeon found in report polyps verus tiny adherent gallbladder calculi - meaning polyps vs. small stones stuck up against the gallbladder wall. He feels that they are stones that are stuck.

Now as to symptoms:

discomfort to touch right abdomen

sometimes pain in under right shoulder blade

pain in right chest

This is especially worse when I eat something fried....

Tender around the waist, waist somewhat enlarged and waistbands hurt

lost about 4 lbs. so far this week alone....



nausea - adversion to food and the smell of it (on and off)

feeling like I am going to have an alien baby

discomfort 1" under belly button area to right and left

sometimes discomfort in center of abdomen

diarrhea now for 5 days straight (Is there a "bug" going around in NJ?)

No energy, listless, no appetitite (this is unlike me).

any advice will be appreciated

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