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Eating Gluten Free On Norweigan Cruise Line

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Hey all,

I just got back from a week long Alaskan Cruise aboard the Norweigan Pearl and wanted to share the positive experience.

A few weeks before my trip I was contacted by a rep from Norweigan who sent me a list of gluten free foods that I could pick from and they would make sure to have aboard. Once aboard I was contacted by the Maitre'D from the main dining room (first day aboard) who met with me and reviewed the gluten-free selections on each nights menu. He reassured me that all meals would be cooked in seperate pots/pans and that my morning bagels would be made seperate from the regular toasters. If nothing was easily adapted into a gluten-free meal then I could order gluten-free pasta, plain chicken, steak etc. I also was given special gluten-free desserts that were not on the regular menu if nothing else was available. The only thing they didn't bring aboard that I had requested was some Gluten Free beer (Oh well). I was also allowed to pre-arrange for a gluten-free meal ashore during one of my excursions.

The whole experience led to a great week where I could enjoy myself without worrying about being glutened. Anyone interested in cruising should consider Norweigan. They'll get my business again!

Cleveland Bob B)

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So glad to hear this!! I was just thinking this morning that I want to add a cruise to Alaska to my list of travel destinations.


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Thanks for sharing your experience. I'd like to take my son someday and show him where mom's from. I was born there and moved away when I was young and never been back but it's the kind of place that leaves a lasting impression on you. I have some wonderful memories. Now I have confidence that a successful gluten-free trip is possible.

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I recently went on a cruise with another cruise line (Amadeus) and they did a poor job. Another celiac on board had recently gone on a cruise with Norwegian, however, and said it had been a wonderful experience. Perhaps it is easier to be accommodated on a larger ship? (I was on a small river ship.) Anyway, I was thinking my next cruise would be with Norwegian. Thanks for sharing another positive experience with them.

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