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Gluten Free In Greece

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Has anyone traveled to Greece? Any gluten free experiences to share?

While in Greece last I did just fine though no one will know what gluten free is and they will look at you funny if you attempt to explain it! Pack your own bread or forgo for your trip. Things you can eat (I spell phonetically and I speak very bad Greek):

tzaziki "o-he pita" (without pita)- great stuff we dip french fries in it since they are usually safe

souvlaki "o-he pita"- great street food, but you will have to sit and eat it as a platter

any salad... again you want to specify no bread so say "ohe pso-mi"

any fish dish is usually okay without breading. Just ask. If you are in a major tourist area they will speak english tell them bread makes you really sick and you'll need to go to the hospital if you eat it and they'll help you steer clear.

roast lamb with potatoes... yum! ask about gravy as you'll want to avoid that.

lots of fresh fruits and veggies and yogurt: )

http://www.celiactravel.com/gluten-free-cards/16-greek.html restaurant cards in Greek

http://www.aegeotissa.gr/info.php?catid=21...YACHT%20CRUISES gluten free cruises!

I hope this helps...


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