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Snow Mountain Ranch In Fraser, Co

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We spent this past weekend up in Winter Park, CO, which we usually do about once a year. We like to go horseback riding at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch in Fraser. We decided to try the dinner ride this time which is a 2 hour ride with a steak dinner.

I called and talked to the cook about the menu which was:

  • Steak (seasoned with Lawry's seasoning salt and black pepper)
  • Roasted potatoes (seasoned the same as the steak)
  • Ranch beans (NOT gluten-free, but the cook at least told me the ingredients, and DD wouldn't have eaten them anyway)
  • Garlic bread (obviously a no-no)

We brought a few cobs of corn for DD and they cooked that up with some butter for her and everything was cooked separately from the beans and bread anyway so I wasn't too worried about CC.

The food was awesome, no tummy troubles, and it was a very "normal" experience!

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