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Question On Blood Test Results After Being Off Gluten?

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After being gluten-free for a significant time as in a year or so, if I get re-tested do I expect to find any antibodies for gluten in my blood results?

Do these tests ever get so totally negetive that they do not show up. Do these antibodies ever go away completely?

Does a low but "normal" level indicate that there is still gluten being injested occationally and that there is still a reaction inside the body?


-Anti Gliadin Ab IgG 39 Spring 2006, positive improvement to gluten-free diet, past possible symptoms of thyroid, miscariges, heart palpitations

-Enterolab results Anti-gliadin 8, Tissue transglut 5, Genes 2,7

-husband genes 8,6

-Son age 11 postive enterolab results, high Gliadin AB IgG. Encopresis (soiling) Genes 2,8

-Daughter age 3 Chronic Constipation, eczema, clears up on gluten-free.

-Three children no symptoms, not tested

-Mother positive in Tissue Transglut Antibody, IgA Fall 2006

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