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Alexandra  Rosenberg

Gluten Free Supermarket In Fairlawn, New Jersey

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The Gluten Free Market

7-09 Fairlawn Avenue

Fairlawn, NJ 07410-1823


This was listed as a store that sold Joan's gluten free great bakes. It was fairly close to me so I decided to go there. It is amazing. It has the best gluten free products including Joan's and different foods from "everybody eats" in new york. It has ravioli, perogies, cakes ( real birthday cakes, they look exactly like ones you'd find in the supermarket), cookies, sauces, and fresh baked bread. It was so exciting to see so many good gluten-free foods. It is very expensive but it is a very nice treat if anyone lives close to there, i would definitely recommend going over there and seeing if there was anything you would want to buy.

Gluten free since December 06' :)

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