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Aquarius Sports Drink By Coca Cola

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I currently live in Spain and drink alot of Aquarius orange flavored Sports drinks.. they are made by Coca Cola. I was just diagnosed as a Celiac (this week!) and am trying to cut the gluten out.. but some ingredients I dont know about! It doesnt help that Im in another country with the ingredients written in spanish so if anyone can help me let me know... the ingredients I am worried about are:

citric acid

Stabilizers (E 414, E 445)


I have heard several different things on citric acid. Another question is about emulsifiers.. if the emulsifier is soy is that ok?


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Hi, welcome to the board - I don't know for sure if that drink is safe, but make sure your answer comes from someone who specifically knows about food labeling in Europe. There are some Europeans who post on the board so hopefully they will be able to help you out :)

"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." - Hippocrates

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