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I Guess I Am Joining In Too...

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I Have been reading some posts here and it is all sounding too familiar. I will tell you a bit about myself first. My names is Jessica and I am 30 years old, I have two beautiful children a girl who is 3 1/2 and a boy who is 11 months. I got tendionitis years ago and have had three surgerys to try and repair it...and funny how my wrist has been bugging me the last couple of weeks. Anyways, I seemed to have gotten my symptoms after my surgerys, the normal....gas, bloating, loose stools, weight loss, constiaption, large stools. And I was diagnosed with IBS. The symptoms never really improved however I only got "outbreaks" once or twice a year. But at the birth of my son, they have been really bad and I could not stop them until I tried going gluten free and what a difference, I have not felt this good in years, eating is hard as I find that I am always hungry and I eat ALOT of fruit and eggs. But I am getting there.

Tomorrow is my Biopsy and I am nervous, I wish that I got onto this site before now. I have not been able to tolorate any Gluten so I have not eaten alot of it, I am still eating the hidden Gluten and I try and make sure that I have something with Gluten in it everyday, and with young kids that is pretty easy to do. My doctor told me that this was okay, I tried increasing my Gluten intake but gotreally sick. My daughter has not had any symptoms but my son has, and at 11 months I would think that he would not show signs. But as soon as I had introduced Wheat he started getting these super bad rashes on his bum..all over, and they look like Eczema...and I cant stop them, new ones seem to pop up all the time. And his bowl movements are large, very frequent and almost have a "foamy" look to them and smell more then usual. He doesnt seem to show too mush else yet. Could this be a sign that he may be Celiac?? I have stopped giving him Gluten 2 days ago and I am going to see if this helps.

So I guess I need some help now, I have no idea what to eat and what not to eat. I will admitt that I have not been

a good eater so far, I eat alot of junk food...a candy addiction. But I need to eat better not only for myself but for my kids. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And I will let you know what my Biopsy results are. Do you get them right away or have to wait for weeks?



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Hi Jessica and welcome. :D

I'll let others chime in about good things to eat. Diet is definately important for your health.

As far as your little one I would suspect celiac with him, or if he doesn't have it yet then it would more than likely turn to that later. My son broke out with eczema just after he was 2 months old. After ELISA IgE/IgG allergy testing I went gluten lite.....still eating oats and barley because I wasn't intolerant to them.

I then did enterolab testing and found that I was gluten intolerant and had one of the main celiac genes. As soon as I went gluten free completely my sons eczema went completely away. It had diminished going gluten lite.

From what I've read testing isn't really accurate with little ones. If you test positive by biopsy then I would pursue testing with him unless you're comfortable just taking him gluten free. Did you have bloodwork done?

I've had no formal testing done and have chosen not to, but that's just me. People on the board have chosen both ways, you need to make the decision of what's best for your family.

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