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Could He Have Celiac Also...

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I wrote this somewhere else also but cannot find it, I am going to ask my doctor tomorrow when I have my Biopsy but I want to ask all you other parents....

My son is 11 months old and about a month ago I introduced Wheat for the first time and he started to get really bad rashes on his bum, it looks like two different types of rashes...one looks like ezcema (my doc said that) and the other is little red bumps. I have been using medication and nothing seems to work. He has very frequent bowel movements and they are large, foul smelling and they look "foamy" to me, it that makes any sense. Otherwise he seems fine, eats lots...gaining weight. He was a premmie so I have been watching him, and he has had lots of colds, ear infections, Broncitis ect. But I have removed all Gluten from his system for 2 days now.

Could he have Celiac??



1 negative Bloodtest.

2 positive Bloodtests.(years later)

Positive Biopsy 08/13/07

Gluten Free since 08/23/07

Jess (31)

Daughter (03/23/04) Negative bloodwork (10/22/07)

Son (09/14/06) Negative bloodwork (10/22/07)

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Hi, we never had any rash issues so I can't judge based on the description. But I would have to assume if you noticed it after introducing wheat there is a good chance there is a wheat problem.


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I am familiar with that rash from when my son was a baby & his son, now 11. I am double DQ1 & my grandson is also. My son would eat a soda cracker & get diarrhea running down his leg (sorry if TMI) I went to the health food store & bought rice crackers for him.

Bottom line not sure what label you can put on this but I would not feed the baby any wheat, rye, barley or oats. rice cereal is the way to go.

If the baby has DQ2 or DQ8 the officials might call it celiac, if DQ1 or DQ3 they call in gluten intolerance. There is also gluten allergy, wheat allergy, gluten ataxia that can fit anywhere in with those two. I personally do not care what anyone calls it because I know that I cannot eat any of it. I am also allergic to barley & oats for 35 years now (which probably saved my life).

there is only one diaper cream that will help & I am having a senior moment & cannot remember the name, but it is a white tube and the cream is a white gooey mess that really makes a barrier on the bottom, so nothing touches the skin. You can also get a prescription for a diaper cream that might help. But bottom line this baby is probably going to have issues with foods. So be careful in introducing the major allergens like eggs, soy, nuts...

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